Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Get Winning Health Insurance Leads

An ideal situation for an insurance agent would be when he has a constant supply of winning health insurance leads at his disposal. Is it possible to have such a situation in real life? It is certainly possible provided the agent is ready to put in some effort to find good sources to get his leads. As far as health insurance is concerned there is a big advantage for agents - group insurance plans help them to achieve greater profits. Even if they get one winning group insurance lead they can land a bulky deal. There are many ways in which an agent can get hold of high quality insurance leads. Referral leads can be said to the best among them. In this method, an insurance agent's existing customer who is happy with the service he gets talks about the agent to his friends and neighbours. The good word about the agent spreads and he soon has people looking to do business with him rather than the other way round. So every agent would do well to invest time in keeping his customers happy by serving them well - giving them cost effective deals, getting them all possible discounts and helping them get their insurance quickly when they do make claims. Another way to generate health insurance leads is by calling on small firms either over phone or directly to explain about the various group insurance plans that could benefit the entire employee set. Even if the employees have individual insurance the low cost advantages of group insurance can be explained to win deals. Usually small business firms do not offer insurance to their employees and so they can be leads that can be easily worked. The most happening method is buying of health insurance leads. This has become especially true in the booming online scenario where people typically jump in to search for insurance plans to suit their needs. There are a number of lead delivery services that can provide agents with insurance leads on a regular basis. Agents can opt for companies that give them exclusive leads which means one lead is given only to a single agent. There are also shared leads that typically cost lesser in which one lead is given to multiple agents. For shared leads to be effective the maximum number of agents who get a given lead should not exceed 7 or 8. Agents should also make sure that they get a consistent volume of insurance leads periodically. Of course there is no point in the volumes alone being high; in fact smaller volumes with higher quality are any day better. Getting the insurance leads on time is another crucial aspect - the older a lead becomes the colder it turns that is the probability of working the lead into a winning deal is reduced to a large extent. When an agent keeps his eyes open to the above criteria he can easily see the pros and cons of a service. He can then choose a service that gives him the best health insurance leads day after day.

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